- Yes I am a WA State Licensed Appraiser

- No Sorry I am not a CA Appraiser anymore.

- Yes I am FHA approved Appraiser

- Yes I was an Architectural Drafter

- Yes I was worked for a County Assessors Office for several years.

- Yes I have taught many Appraiser Classes

- Yes was a Board Member of the Corporate & a Chapter of the Real Estate Appraisers Association in California

- Yes I am a past President & Founding President of Five Different Appraiser Associations / Chapters & have held many different positions and committees over my 30+ years of appraising.

- Yes I am very happy I moved to WA state! 

- No I will not continue this dialog, you can ask me with a call, its better then clicking. 


If a property owner is having difficulty with a dispute over the tax assessment of  a property, an appraiser can often assist with the appeal process.  I can and have provided appraisals to dispute the reported values and additionally have presented my findings to an assessment appeals board for consideration.

Often the home owner can request an appraiser to provide an appraisal report for the removal of PMI.  The value would however need to show an actual increased value to the banking required percentage of value required and approve the report provided.   


Assessment Appeal of property tax

Estate & Tax

Residential Appraisals for

Litigation, Estate, Tax, & Divorce Purposes

I work with Attorneys and  Owners to provide opinions of value in legal matters and as an expert witness if needed.  Dispute types vary, as do the needed dates of the values, property situations and conditions.  

Divorce Settlement can be difficult and accurate values are needed for fair and equitable divisions of the properties.  I prefer to assist for both sides together, yet can work for either side fairly, with or without Attorney involvement.  


Estate & Tax work can be for many reasons - Planning, Gifting, Donating, Death are some of the needs for an appraiser.  This work requires accuracy and proper reporting, as tax benefits or losses need to be accurate.   



Property Loss

30 plus years of Residential Appraisal Work.  I specialize in Estate, Divorce, Litigation work and have served as an expert witness in many different cases and courtrooms.  Property Tax Appeal and Bankruptcy work, as well.  Call me with questions.   


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PMI - Private Mortgage insurance removal


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Property Loss or Damage Issues are often associated with Assessment Appeals, Insurance Companies and Planning Department Appeals. Other losses have been View, Light, Privacy or other value impacting issues. These situations are often litigated or heavily discussed and settled. I have assisted in many different situations & offer my assistance. .